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When two became three….


It was totally unplanned. A complete spur of the moment decision that we hope we won’t live to regret.


Port Lockroy museum

Perhaps it was down to the feelings of nostalgia that swept over us as we wandered round the museum at Port Lockroy screaming home and family. A testament to all that is British, the restoration of the base back to its former 60’s research station glory, obvs made an impact.


Storeroom staples

With a kitchen full of retro tins of long forgotten foods plus brands that have stood the test of time – good ol’ beefy Bovril, Marmite, Tate & Lyle, Crawfords biscuits and the Sunlight washing up soap that conjure up memories from yesteryear.

Anyway, getting back to why I am adding this post…. In the last British Post on the Antarctic we felt compelled to make a statement of our own and adopted our very own gentoo penguin.

An adolescent one at that – still a tad fluffy rather that feather-y and way too cute to leave behind, we have added to our family; Pingu I and II now have a sibling called P-Roy. A dapper little fella with his own Antarctic tartan scarf to keep out the cold…

The three penguins at Murano  Glaciar

The 3 P’s

Whilst we are on the subject of Port Lockroy, we had to laugh when Flo, who was honorary post mistress during her four month stint, told us that the last of the post that would be handled this season was leaving with her (and us) on the Pioneer, heading towards Port Stanley. Anything else that is left for posting on the farthest most Post Office would not get mailed until next November!