With bags packed, heads full ideas as to where we will go and what we will encounter along the way, here is our rough itinerary for the coming nine weeks…

16th February. Buenos Aires, Argentina – a taste of sunshine, city culture, tango and more

20th February. Ushuaia, Argentina – kayaking tours and gateway to Antarctica

22nd February. Board the Polar Pioneer bound for the Weddell Sea and ocean adventures

5th March. Ushuaia

6th March. Perito Moreno, Argentina – Glaciar and ice fields

8th March. Parque National Los Glaciares and Monte Fitz Roy, Patagonia – trekking and camping

13th March. El Calafate, Patagonia

14th March. Puerto Natales, Chile

15th March. Parque National Torres del Paine circuit, Chile – trekking and camping

25th March. Puerto Natales, board Evangelista Ferry bound for Puerto Mont

29th March. Santiago, Chile – city break

31st March. Mendoza, Chile – wine country!

4th April. Calama, Chile – gateway to Atacama Dessert

5th April. San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

9th April. Guayaquil, Ecuador – gateway to Galapagos

10th April. Baltra, Ecuador – join a live aboard boat?

19th April. Guayaquil and Santiago

21st April. Madrid and homeward bound


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  1. hi Jules and Mat when you get to Torres del paine go look for the Hut we built while on Op Raligh!!!!!! in 1990………… should be still standing…… Lots love sue

  2. Hmmm. Reckon a few new buildings have gone up since then as didn’t see anything with OR on it… Mind you, we had a shitty weather days so may have yomped straight past it!!! Back this arvo and plznning big fat steak and decent vino supper, oh yeah, and hottest of hot shower before xxx

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