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Just pick a pair…


Veteran, in more ways than one, of backpacking, I know it all comes down to weight. However, it doesn’t stop my stomach from churning at the mere thought of picking just a single pair of ‘ridiculous’ [not my choice of word] heels to take with as a ‘catch all’ for the more civilised parts of our trip & party central Buenos Aires.

The outdoor clothes are easy to choose as contrary to what Matt keeps trying to tell me, they were never really designed to be attractive as well as functional. I have no qualms counting out the required number thermals & socks….

I have, for the past week, quite simply been in denial; refusing to acknowledge that trekking boots and Havaianas (only one pair *sniff*) aside, my remaining choice of footwear to pack is limited to but one pair of flatties, a pair of (light weight – natch) runners and one pair of heels.  To most people, my dilemma may sound stupid, or at the very least, strange. For me? sweat inducing Hell. I wear heels all day, every day to work.  In fact I invariably decide which shoes to wear before which frock and, for the record,  would get pretty good odds on a spread bet for the Stiletto Sprint!

Jury out…. will keep you posted, as I may just forego an item of clothing for a sneaky extra pair of heels….