Matt’s 50th birthday became the ultimate excuse for our bucket list trip… to the end of the world.  Literally.  Given that we are seriously unlikely to ever return to this part of the world, seemed a bit silly not to experience a few other places that we have often talked about….

Sorry if our posts are a tad sporadic but with time spent in the back of beyond, means comms channels are on the right side of non-existent. X


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  1. Matt & Jules,

    Wishing you a fabulous trip to the ‘end of the world’! What better way to celebrate such a milestone birthday. Enjoy every moment of it but make sure you stay safe.
    Looking forward to following your adventures and having you back in a couple of months.
    Anne x

    • Hello jules and Matt
      loving following your trip you are having so many great new experinces…… love the on line diary pis are great.How dull and boring does life seem here while you are glob trotting. Will see you Dec/Jan when I am over

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