Camping and caffeine


It all began in Nepal. The practice of “bed tea” brought to gently awaken and refresh the quietly slumbering walker on a “tea house” trek… Sign me up for a Lifetime subscription! I swear I don’t fire on all cylinders without a java fix. Incorporated into the pre-nup (natch), this tradition was eagerly adopted in our household with Matt invariably getting up to make coffee in bed, come hell or high water. Yep. Spoilt.

Fast forward to this trip… A lot of thought had gone into which blend and indeed what method would be adopted to get the perfect camp brew. Research done, investment was made into a nifty little HD Ortlieb waterproof filter holder, with cheeky welded loops to slot tent pegs in (to hold it over your camp cup). Neat or wot?!

We foolishly used up our supply of Union Hand Roasted revelation blend in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia and had to include coffee in our supermarket sweep in Calafate. Decision time; we had seen various coffee brand names posted outside confiterias, yet none of them were represented on the shelves. We settled for Super Cabrales; a name we vaguely recognised, but missed the connection between ‘torrado‘,roast and azucar, sugar. All of the brightly coloured foil pouches before us had, during roasting or post, a percentage of sugar added. We are not complete coffee geeks, but it does make you wonder how bad the beans might be if you have to add sugar from the get-go, right?….

The fab filter had to be tweaked as the grind was that little bit finer than our ‘home grown’ and tested blends – Matt the ever professional bed tea-maker persevered and perfected the brew, adopting the pre-steeping of coffee and double filtering approach. Camp coffee at it’s finest!



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