The heat is on…


Arriving at Buenos Aires was an assault to the senses in every way; you could taste the heat, even at 9pm, and the noise and bustle were so very far removed from our luxe (and totally spoilt) cocoon of business class, on the flight over.

Clutching our pre-ordered voucher we eagerly headed towards the taxi service to take us to downtown BA; like true Brits abroad, we waited patiently at the desk and again once we had paid the fee. Might just as well have rocked up empty-handed, as it was organised mayhem with drivers coming up to collect their fares and grabbing any voucher to hand!

Hey ho, lesson learnt, we nodded off to the sounds of a city getting ready for the night ahead, as the cab cruised the streets of BA, lined with street-side cafes, restaurants and bars.

Matt picked the perfect place for us to unwind and get to grips with not only BA, but the rest of the trip planning that was still required; ATempo Design Hotel in Palermo Hollywood (one of the nicer districts close to the main hot spots but far enough away to get some sleep!)  It was an awesome duplex – huge and airy with plenty of space to spread out and streamline our kit ready for the next leg and tighter luggage allowance.

Exhausted, we crashed after a couple of glasses of jolly good Malbec from the lobby bar.

Saturday dawned bright, sunny and oh-so humid. Time to explore the neighborhood and get our bearings; in a four block radius we had two mini supermarkets; one Korean and the other Carrefour (albeit a baby one) four cafes, with Vintage Coffee having better java and vibe, plus five restaurants and scrummy looking bakery, Darma, to check out ……. all before we headed south.

More time than anything was spent dodging dog poo and cracked pavement tiles whilst checking out the grafitti art and counting the number of tags (twenty plus in the space of half an hour). Seriously.

28 degrees at 4pm was more than our poor ol’ pasty arms and legs  could handle on day one! Yep, the duplex not only came with a kitchen (of sorts) it had access to a terrace pool… What better way to acclimatise to the heat?!

Full graffiti wall

Full graffiti wall along Ave Santa Fe


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  1. All sounds rather hectic to us, it is definately a new experience for you both, have fun but take great care. Lots of love Dad & Kath xx p.s. Take care of those black strap sandels Ju

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