Fresh faced in search of adventures and pastures new, I picked working in Danmark as ‘pige i huset’ as  my first overseas job.  Keen to see me off properly with clean underwear plus a small reminder of home, mum waved farewell with tears in her eyes and a parting gift of a knitted penguin. Pingu came complete with a ‘JH’ embroidered backpack (filled with a miniature bottle, natch).  There was no turning back……. for my wanderlust or liver.

Travels to far flung countries and stints working in some great (and  let’s be honest, not-so-great places) followed. With countries to visit, people to catch up with, I turned my hand to anything legal to fund the next leg of my travels. From ‘farm-hand’ in Israel, construction worker in Canada to numerous  stints as a waitress/cocktail bartender and cook along the way. One thing never changed tho’, Pingu was a constant travelling companion and picked up a fair few bus and air miles along the way.

Along came a kindred spirit, seasoned traveller and damn good chef…although we have yet to agree when we officially became a couple (!), one thing Matt and I both agree on is that  he didn’t get given his very own Pingu, until he made an honest woman out of me!

Thirteen and a bit years later, the penguins, Pingu and Pingu II are now well seasoned travellers in their own rights,  having crossed the Thorung La (Nepal), tackled the Tangariro Crossing (NZ) , kayaked in the Marlborough Sound, sailed the Caribbean (several times), walked the West Highland Way plus Coast to Coast, skied a fair few runs in Europe….to name but a few of their trips abroad.

Matt [ AKA the travel agent ] being a bit of a ‘Mountain Man’ fancied the idea of going to Antarctica to mark his half century (like we need an excuse!). With research done and Stamfords on speed dial for any latest editions, we are booked and good to go.  Our Penguins are heading home, in a fairytale sense. This is the trip of a lifetime for both of us and we look look forward to sharing our adventure with you.

A chef, creative and two penguins…..the beginning of our adventure to the end of the world


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  1. Hey jules, wonderful to see you oft… brings back so many happy memories of backpacking around South America. Did you get to La Boca where i saw my first ‘live’ Tango in the streets??? I can still see the woman’s black seam running up her leg and the tauntness of the dance… the other place that was great was the Recoleta cemetery where Eva Duarte aka Peron is buried… a bugger to find the mausoleum, but what blew me away was all the roses pinned to the iron gates… intense. If you can, nip across the river plate and stay in Montevideo – it is like stepping back in time. A mashup between Pirates of the Caribbean and Cuba… stunning. What else, ooh yes, i am sure with your foodie instincts you will have discovered the Parilla restaurants or grills… phenomenal if you are a carnivore who likes steak (and stuff)… hope you are having fun… so exciting to follow you along your way;)
    I’m off to Venice for 5 days so will be enjoying the cicheti in as many backstreet bars or bacari as I can!! Venetian titbits here I come;) huge hugs and missing you ! Jules

    • Markets, churches (must be the catholic in me!) and tango on the street plus tourist show so far.. The history and passion of the dance blow me away!! Today was supposed to be recoleta and cemetery but it pissed down!! Stayed in the neighbourhood instead and did our chores (lots to book up still for later aspects of the trip). Ooh, Went to a fab closed door restaurant last night. We had such a hoot!

      Have fun in Venice xxx

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